Art License Types

Art License Types Traditional Royalty License Royalty On Sales Advance plus Royalty On Sales Fixed Fee Royalty Royalty Free License Rights Managed License There is much … Continue reading

About Artist’s Brand

– Artist’s Brand – Personal Branding Increases Income Branding yourself is not an option. You have a “brand” right now; it is either positive, negative or … Continue reading

Art is Intellectual Property

1.6. Art As Intellectual Property:       Concept Of Intellectual Property In Art Licensing. Copyright what is Copyright What To Do ( How To) To … Continue reading

Other Methods Of Licensing

Other Methods Of Licensing   In addition to traditional licensing, there are two other license types that you should be aware of: Rights Managed (RM) Licensing … Continue reading

Forms Of Licensing

 Forms Of Licensing   Character Licensing   Franchise And Brand Licensing   Fine Art Licensing  Continue reading

Why License My Art

Why Would I Want To License My Art? Realistic Expectations Money Fame Art Licensing Income Compared To Traditional Art Sales Strategies  Continue reading

What is Art Licensing?

What is Art Licensing – Overview Art Licensing Defined Art Licensing is a way to covert Art Making into a Business Manufacturers want to license art … Continue reading

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