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This page will be updated as we review or test new software programs. Please check back soon for the latest recommendations for artists.

Helpful Software for Artists

Properly selected software can save you significant time and money. We can help you choose software, both free and commercial.

Most of the recommendations on this page are for free software in the MS Windows environment. We also include a few Linux recommendations and a very few commercial programs that we feel are worth the money.

These are our personal choices; we are not paid for these recommendation and you are free to look them up and download them.

Or, for a small fee to offset our compliation and copying costs, we can deliver a CD/DVD containing a small selection free software programs targeted to the artist's business needs.

If you want the convenience of these (free) products on a USB plug-in, please let us know and we can load and ship one to you for a nominal fee + the cost of the USB flash drive.

Free Windows Software

Free Linux Software

NOTE: most Linux distributions are preloaded with OpenOffice and other useful applications.

Commercial Windows Software