- Art Assessment -

ArtistsConsult, LLC, was created to help those artists who feel that they are not realizing their full potential. We provide both free and paid services to artists who want help dealing effectively in today's competitive art business world. Our methodology comprises, assessment, planning, tools and actions.

Art Marketability Assessment

There are variety of different ways of making money from art. Different styles, genres and media in art will have appeal in different markets.

To succeed in the art market an artist must first know who the customer is - commercial entity or individual art lover - then the artist must know the market potential of his/her artwork.

An art assessment will help you to understand the most appropriate markets for your artwork, and thereby better position you for success.

Please contact us, and email us with a link to where your art can be viewed on the internet.

If you don't have your art on the internet, email us anyway... we can help with that, too.