- email Guidelines for Artists -


Using email for marketing purposes is a sometimes controversial subject these days when it seems that everyone is using spam filters. In fact, many "experts" recommend using "RSS" and/or a social networking site such as Facebook. We will address all of those options, but this article is confined to email.

Sending promotional emails that get results

Plain Text Email

Your emails should always be concise and to the point - make sure you have a good reason to send an email - important announcement; new art, etc. In addition you should ALWAYS:

Best procedure is to use plain text and include NO IMAGES (not even as attachments), but rather to send a great message that convinces people they want to see your art, followed by simple instructions telling them how to see it.

Always put as much contact information as possible into your email including your name, address, phone number, email address, and website URL.

The less contact information you provide, the more hesitant people are to contact you, and the more they suspect your intentions.

The more accessible you make yourself, the more comfortable people feel about contacting you, and the better your response rates will be.

And, most importantly, DON'T USE THE EMAIL AS A "SELLING TOOL" and DO NOT SPAM.

Your website is your selling tool... the email is intended to get people to go to your web site.

One unsolicited inquiry email conforming to the guidelines above will usually be acceptable to potential clients. DO NOT SPAM.

HTML Formatted email

Our best advice for sending unsolicited promotional HTML emails? ...DON'T

If you feel that you must use html, rather than plain text, then follow the above (text-based email) guidelines.

HTML emails are perfectly acceptable under two circumstances:

  1. the recipient knows you and is aware that you will be sending html formatted emails (or had previously agreed that html formatted emails)
  2. the recipient is a personal friend or acquaintance and doesn't mind html formatted email

HTML emails can be an important part of your brand when used appropriately - we frequently use html formatted email that contains our logo.