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- Strategic Planning for Artists -

Thinking about marketing your art? all starts with a PLAN.

Plans can be simple or complex, but all have a few things in common:

Artist's Plan: Where am I going? How do I get there?

Strategic planning is the process of defining your art business direction (strategy), and making decisions on pursuing the strategy. All strategic planning deals with at least one of three key questions:

Your art business plan starts with determining your "MISSION" (what you want to accomplish from art marketing), and defining and articulating your "VISION" ( values; preferred future; where I am going).

For example, if you were planning a road trip, your mission would be to arrive at a destination, and your vision might include how you would get there and what fun you would have upon arrival.

Your art marketing plan is personal and unique to your Vision & Mission, but has some common elements:

Artists Marketing 101


A Few Things to Think About - Artists Marketing 101

Artists Marketing 101

We can help you prepare a plan and give guidance on what type of marketing materials are best suited for your goal. For example, it takes a different set of marketing tools to find a good agent, than are needed to find a buyer for prints, or find a licensee for your copyright.

We can even help you by advising best practices for internet marketing; email marketing and web site design.

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