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Fine Art Licensing

A Different Approach to the Art Business

We have teamed with ArtVisions fine art licensing to develop an internet-based art marketing program with a view towards helping you elevate your name recognition and income via licensing your artwork. The result is a selection of services designed to help you learn how to effectively present your art as “intellectual property” to potential licensing clients. Art that can be licensed includes painted images, illustrations and photography — all of which can be reproduced successfully on almost any product. Licensing produces over $7 million worth of retail sales per hour, 24 hours a day, every day of the year (only part of this huge number is from art licensing). The beauty of art licensing is that your client can increase their revenue by using your art, while at the same time paying you for the use of your existing artworks! A double win for you, since Licensing gives you a “leg-up” in an incredibly competitive marketplace by developing a new set of helpful contacts in the art industry… MORE (links to about Art Licensing

Professional Artist – Credible Art Licensor

Despite increasing numbers of fine art-based licenses, today’s marketplace is one in which many of your potential customers are thinking in terms of cutting costs, rather than how to increase their revenue. It takes a truly innovative person to increase revenue. You are an artist; you are creative and an innovator, therefore, with our assistance, you can be perfectly positioned to license your art for a plethora of products. Your innovative ability, in combination with our professional approach to the business of art gives you an incredable advantage over other artists! This is true because by working in a professional manner you gain credibility, making it much easier to convince a potential customer to work with you.

Think your art might be suitable for licensing?

Although some artists have proven their ability to learn and thrive in the complex world of fine art licensing, most need professional help. In some instances you might need do nothing more than to hire an attorney to review a contract (but it must be an Intellectual Property attorney) In most cases the artist is better-off hiring an agent to promote the work; or finding a competent licensing agent to manage the entire process. But, before you can do any of that, you must be prepared to work, talk, think and act as a professional. If you think your art might be suitable for licensing, and you want to present yourself as a professional artist, then follow this link … MORE (links to about Art Licensing for information and advice about licensing art & photography.