Other Methods Of Licensing

In addition to traditional licensing, there are two other license types that you should be aware of: Rights Managed (RM) Licensing & Royalty Free (RF) Licensing.

  • Rights Managed (RM) Licensing
  • Rights Managed is a form of fixed-fee art licensing that stipulates non-exclusive use of the artwork for a specified product, for a defined term and in a certain territory (North America or Worldwide). There are no requirements for additional royalties unless the licensee wants to extend the term or territory. Any use, other than specified in the agreement, requires a new license. This means that, unlike Royalty-Free licensing, the artist’s rights and perceived value of the artwork are protected.
  • Royalty Free (RF) Licensing
  • Royalty Free gives the licensee unlimited rights to use the image forever. Not a good deal for the artist.